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Like most other websites, our website uses cookies too. By visiting our website and more particularly this page, you acknowledge your consent in being aware of the cookies described in the policy. You can withdraw your consent at any given time by reading ‘How You Can Control Cookies?’

What Cookies Are?

Cookies are referred to as small files that are stored on the computer in a text format by your browser. A cookie mostly is a session cookie but at other times it might also be a persistent cookie. A session cookie generally refers to the one that remains on the browser while you are logged onto a particular website and once your browser is shut down, it disappears. A persistent cookie on the other hand remains on your browser for a prolonged period of time.

How TradeStaffDirect Uses Cookies?

We use cookies for the following number of purposes:

  • Functional Cookies: There are a number of cookies that supports the way our website functions. It identifies your end device or PC as a unique but anonymous device. These cookies generally remember a user’s language preference or recognize your activity within a single session.
  • Essential Cookies: We may be using a few limited cookies that are essential for security purposes or pertain to a few particular services that you have requested for. We may use this cookie in order to authenticate your PC or the mobile that you are using.
  • Performance Cookies: Third parties are allowed to place analytics or performance cookies in order to report and collect combined information. Since these cookies report to us on an aggregate basis therefore they do not identify you. With the help of the aggregate reports, we understand how our websites are being used by its visitors.

We may conduct an analysis of incoming user traffic to our site in order to measure how frequently our site is being visited and to bring about improvements within our website. These analyses are generally performed with the use of IP addresses and cookies.

How You Can Control Cookies?

The cookies used and allowed by us are voluntarily accepted parts. We use performance cookies to understand our audience and improve our website to accentuate user experience. Most of the functional cookies help us understand how our site and services work. The registration cookies that we use help us to conduct our business online. Our site or parts of our site may not be properly working without these cookies. In most of the modern and updated browsers you will find options to control or block cookies. You will generally find these control options in the ‘preferences’ or ‘options’ menu.

Privacy Policy

In case we use our change of cookies, we update the changes to this page.